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LIDINGO : Contains control authority (ID and name), name, type, address (street address, postcode and zip code), words, coordinates (system, long and lat) of the Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food in the community, Economy and finance,Education, culture and sport. Lidingo has a complete database in wide ranging of subjects
Publisher contact :, 08-731 30 00

LUND : Schools, preschools, etc. in the municipality of Lund, which follows skoldataspecification. Noone else is doing that in this category
Publisher contact :,Britta Duve Hansen
GOTHENBURG : Model calculations of nitrogen dioxide levels for the City of Gothenburg according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations on air quality control (NFS 2016: 9). Hourly Average, Daily Mean Value and Annual Average Value for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Extensive data has been provided about this statistic
Publisher contact : City of Gothenburg, Environmental Management,
MALMO : Selection of collections from Malmö museums, Including about 1500 accessories (clothes, hats, gloves, braces etc.) and older pictures (1950s), advertising, fashion. One of the few communities with open database about the artifacts
Publisher contact : Magnus Johansson,

Stockholm Stad:



Kim Lantto
Ardalan Shekarabi
Erik Borälv
Ulrika Domellöf Mattsson
Darja Isaksson
Johanna Berg
Thomas Kvist