Jury Members

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar is a sustainability coach and communication expert with over 25 years experience in state, municipal , private and voluntary sectors , nationally and internationally. Jessica has been awarded the ” Inspirer of the Year 2010 ” by the magazine leva! and is a frequent speaker and moderator . Author of the books Hyfsat Hållbar 2014 and Klimatkoden 2009. Leading Veckans Affärers Hållbarhetspodd, a business focused sustainability podcast.

Terrence Brown

Dr. Brown is a writer, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur and lecturer on creating value. Dr. Brown is also the former Dean of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and head of Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Division at the Royal Institute of Technology. He is also the Program Director for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Masters Program at KTH.


Isobel Hadley-Kamptz
  Isobel Hadley-Kamptz is chairman of Dataföreningen (the Swedish Computer Society). She has a background as a journalist, blogger and author covering a wide range of societal perspectives.


Peter Krantz
Peter Krantz is an open government advocate and the CIO at the National Library of Sweden. Previous positions include the E-government delegation and a member of the advisory bord for the former minister of IT. He believes openness can play a fundamental role in how the public perceives government and that open knowledge will enable people to increase their quality of life.

Helena Löfving

Helena Löfving, Sveriges Television, is a journalist with a special interest in data journalism and digital development. As a web and news editor she has a long experience of analyzing and visualizing open data. She leads workshops in data journalism and interactive visualizations. 2016 Helena was the winner of the Best Data Journalism Award.


Serdar Temiz

Serdar Temiz is Chairman of Open Knowledge Sweden and does research on Open data, open innovation and business models