Jessica Cederberg Wodmar Sustainability Coach and communication expert with over 25 years experience in state, municipal , private and voluntary sectors , nationally and internationally. Jessica has been awarded the ” Inspirer of the Year 2010 ” by the magazine leva! and is a frequent speaker and moderator . Author of the books Hyfsat Hållbar 2014 and Klimatkoden 2009. Leading Veckans Affärers Hållbarhetspodd, a business focused sustainability podcast.

Peter Krantz is an open government advocate and the CIO at the National Library of Sweden. Previous positions include the E-government delegation and a member of the advisory bord for the former minister of IT. He believes openness can play a fundamental role in how the public perceives government and that open knowledge will enable people to increase their quality of life.

Annika Lidne is well known in the Swedish startup and internet communities. She is co-founder and CEO of the SaaS startup Dramatify, last year recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies within television and video technology by the premier global TV market, MITV. Annika is not just managing the company, but also the chief product developer and designer. Dramatify was nominated for the 2016 InUse Design Awards.

Annika also consults in her own company on how organisations can benefit from the changes and disruption that the network society, the digital economy and social media brings and are an advisor to a number of companies and organisations. She is a popular speaker and moderator on these issues, regularly appearing at Internetdagarna, The Royal School of Technology’s Executive School and a host of company events and courses. Annika is represented by Kvinnliga Talare.

She is a senior advisory board member at Stockholm’s premier startup hub SUP46 that is constantly expanding it’s influence on the Swedish startup scene. She is also the the head author of the Swedish Startup Manifesto that have gotten a lot of attention both in media and within the Swedish government and political parties. Due to this work, Annika have been consulted both on startup issues by political parties and on government legislative proposals.

Looking back, Annika founded the well known and influential Stockholm Social Media Club in 2006, the first of its kind in Scandinavia, and produced the first conferences on social media in Sweden. The Disruptive Media conferences ran from 2007 to 2011.

Previously, Annika was the CEO of a number of companies in the advertising and media industry, as well as the head of both the legal news service PointLex (sold to Bisnode and now rolled into the service Juridik Idag) and the world’s then oldest published newspaper, Post och Inrikes Tidningar. She also founded Sweden’s first legal business magazine, PointLex Legala Affärer (PointLex Legal Business). She was also the co-founder and CEO of the first cross media agency in Sweden, t-a-n-k.

Before beginning to work with startups and social media, Annika enjoyed a long and broad media experience, and worked with everything from journalism, publishing and advertising to television, feature films, commercials and – of course – the Internet. She is also a published author with the first cyber punk novel in Swedish.

When Annika isn’t working, she is studying with her daughter as well as playing at being a carpenter, painter and tiler, renovating her house in the archipelago outside of Stockholm.

Serdar Temiz is a Ph.D. Candidate at Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division of Industrial Economics and Management Department of KTH, Royal Institute of Technology and part of European Institute of Innovation and Technologies Doctoral program on ICT Innovation ( His research focuses on value creation with Open Data from the perspective of Open Innovation and also in relation to entrepreneurship, virtual / mobile platforms and 3D environments. He is interested in everything at intersection of business and technology.
He is teaching / training/ consulting topics that are related to entrepreneurship, innovation and technology at universities and companies.
He is Chairman of Open Knowledge Sweden and also Open Knowledge Foundation’s official representative as an Ambassador in Sweden. Open Knowledge Foundation is a worldwide non-profit network of people passionate about openness, using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge.
He is founder of social entrepreneurship company, ScienceBacker where the company support researchers and people who are interested to research to commercialize their ideas and raise funding for their research.
He has participated in the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NVWN), a USD 1 million international project investigating innovation and entrepreneurship through virtual worlds and the 3D internet ( co-financed by the Nordic Innovation Center, between 2010-2012 where he has been partly responsible for the concept development of the Virtual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and the project website. He was elected as member of Steering Committee Nordic Virtual World Network Project for term 2012-2013.
Serdar has three master degrees from Sweden: Master of Science in Industrial Management (with MBA program) and Economics, Master of Science in ICT- Entrepreneurship & M.A in Communication for Development

Dr. Brown is a writer, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur and lecturer on creating value. Dr. Brown is also the former Dean of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and head of Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Division at the Royal Institute of Technology. He is also the Program Director for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Masters Program at KTH.

Additionally he has been the Program Director for the ICT Entrepreneurship Masters Program at KTH as well as a Program Director for the prestigious Scandinavian International Management Institute (SIMI). Dr. Brown is the founder of, the next step in new venture creation, Startup Academy, an offline/online institution providing content and education to entrepreneurs and new venture investors and growthstrategies, a growth agency that specializes in helping to grow companies by creating and developing uncommon opportunities.

Dr. Brown is also a member of the Swedish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association as well as the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

He was the past Director of Research for the Association of the Electronic Auction Industry and Director of Research for The net.America Foundation, a think tank focusing on the New Economy, eCommerce and eLearning.

In 1997 Dr. Brown received the National Federation of Business Dissertation Award. This award, given by the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management, recognises the best dissertation presented in a given year.

He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA in Organizational Management and a Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy from Rutgers University.

Dr. Brown has previously served a two year engagement in Sweden as a Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Co-Director of a major research project on firm growth for Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. He has published in various academic journals. He has also lectured throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.