Nätverket Västerort IS open civil society. It is run by and for civilans with high openness as the means and the goal, and it all starts with our neighbors.

Nätverket Västerort (NV) is a plattform for groups and activities that all work for a friendlier, more lively and a more cooperative society. The meetings and the activities are open to the public in both arranging och visiting, and everyone is encoruraged to take own inititiaves to develop the platform or to start new activities or join existing.

The platform is divers and pushing for more decentralisation and openness but easily accessible: Facebook, Loomio, Slack, Telegram, Taiga, WordPress (with CC), Instagram and Google are digital tools used, simple posters (mostly made in IncScape and Gimp for Debian) in the neighborhoods and collaboration with the local public library, the local civic hall and the local semi-public theater (run by a social enterprise), are examples of other tools to reach out. Examples of activities: Open Community Garden all year round (@puppanblacke); Participatory Clothes Swaps on the local plaza twice a year; Soup Kitchen for all all year round made of donated food from the local shops to fight food waste; Facebookgroup for lending, swapping,sharing and giving (https://m.facebook.com/sharer.php?sid=1406829289596948&referrer=group ); Public Movie Nights (Filmkvällar för Framtiden) that focus on community and transition, a ridesharing group on Skjutsgruppen.nu; a group for work out in open air with rotating faciliators, etc.
There are no bonds to any political party or religious society but all people are welcome as long as they agree to the values of transparency, democracy, equity and equality, on which the platform is built.

Find many of the public pages and events through these:

The public page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/natverketvasterort/

The WordPress site: https://natverketvasterort.wordpress.com/

DelaEko has been the main driving force in making collaborative economy in Sweden. The activities, numerous blogposts and influence in the debate, enlightenening about collaborative economy, which the idea of open knowledge is a part of, will live on through the people they engaged. Successfully being a part of this they have now taken a pause with the project but that does not mean that their influence is over – they planted seeds and still provide a well-developed repository of knowledge which are supporting people and projects to grow a collaborative economy – every day.

AllmanHandling.se as initated by Per Hagström is the only civil society initiative to date who provide a free FAQ for all citizens online at the website but also give the latest update on examples among the use of Freedom of Information. http://allmanhandling.se/

OpenStreetMap has been a growing civil society group who activates citizens to influence the availability and accessibility of truly open data for maps and geo. Today they support the only open and freely licensed map and have many supporters all over Sweden who crowdsource and add new data to the map every day.

Thegoals.org is an open learning platform with a very thought through model of how to empower global open learning related to our SDG’s. Their own words:

“TheGoals.org is a free global education and learning portal on sustainable development solutions. It is a unique and free open crowd-learning experience for mobile devices that connects youth from all the corners of the world. The aim is to build understanding and cooperation about the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.”

Project Originated in Lunds University

Skjutsgruppen has a civil society organization shown a lot of interest in working with open data by publishing open

Datahotell.se, initiated and funded by the Internet Foundation In Sweden and hosted by MetaSolutions, allows anyone in Sweden to publish Open Data without cost. Citizens, public authorities, private companies, non profits – anyone can use Datahotell. Since its start it has been of great use for Hackathons, where Datahotell has been used to publish and curate Open Data in preparation for the hack event.

Datahotell is an enabler and eliminates eventual technical barriers for the publication of Open Data.