For the work with SVT Pejl on how taxpayer money is spent and the great graphics on migration flows between country to country.
And sharing her skills with spreadsheets to get more journalists using data in smarter ways!

Using data to visualize in her work and educating others to use data and visualizations! More info, examples and sources

For his way to empower his strong stories with the support of data journalism.


Showing the possible insecurities in IoT, importance of privacy and the risks with data in a more digital world. Not typical data journalism as normally defined, but showing the consequences of insecure data management, educating both consumers and professionals.

Där bor journalisterna.
A study about the what can be reported or covered in Sweden, by media. Regions with few or no journalists will by definition lack transparency and way to monitor local progress. A fundemental resource visualized.
Text och research: Kerstin Ekberg (Södertälje), Jens Finnäs (Hornstull, Stockholm), Leo Wallentin (Kärrtorp, Stockholm). Research och faktagranskning: Love Hansson, statistiker.