Tireless advocate for an open democratic society through the importance of Freedom of Press and Freedom of Information. Has done a wonderful job in 2016 to get different actors and parts of Sweden to uphold and celebrate the 250th Anniversary of our constitutional law – our Freedom of Press and Freedom of Information.

Dopter AB with Andreas Krohn as a lead has been pioneering with supporting companies and organisations with APIs, conferences, educating and consulting to increase data availability.

Helsingborg is maybe the municipality which is pushing itself and others the most about open data in all of Sweden! They provide free support, ask citizens to submit what data they want them to prioritize and open! https://oppna.helsingborg.se/

Using data to visualize in her work and educating others to use data and visualizations! More info, examples and sources

AllmanHandling.se as initated by Per Hagström is the only civil society initiative to date who provide a free FAQ for all citizens online at the website but also give the latest update on examples among the use of Freedom of Information. http://allmanhandling.se/

For his great work on exploration and analysis of the Swedish Government Official Reports which were made Open Data by the National Library. Christoffer Kullenberg has not only shown how one can analyse and come to new understandings with help from open data. He has also shown how one can work more openly with open data! Not sure if it is actually Open Science but can certainly lead to it!
– https://christopherkullenberg.se/category/sou/

Who pays to lobby and influence Swedish democracy? Do people and organisations have different influence on policymaking? Westander is the only PR-bureau in Sweden who performs self-regulation and has an “openness”-demand.¹ They also openly publish all their client assignments to show who pay them to influence the democratic system, public opinion and political representatives.² They also lobby to change the law to increase transparency among PR and lobbying companies.³
¹ http://www.westander.se/om-oss/sahar/oppenhetskrav/
² http://www.westander.se/uppdrag/
³ http://www.westander.se/press/debattartiklar/sa-kan-riksdagen-demokratisera-lobbyismen/

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